Who We Are

Building Innovative Healthcare Technology Companies

Transforming the full spectrum of where, when and how healthcare happens

Powered Health is a hybrid venture capital and healthcare technology incubator. We focus exclusively on technology, teams and businesses that have the capability to radically change healthcare.

Billions of data points define the healthcare industry. Some focus on operations, others on financials or clinical outcomes. Every patient, participant, problem or opportunity in the healthcare industry can be described using some subset of these data points.

We know that applying the right technology to the data can provide insights to improve care, identify risk, drive revenue, reduce denials, reduce infection, improve interoperability and reduce operational costs.

Our Story

Powered Health is a curated ecosystem of highly innovative technology startups united by a drive to change the business of healthcare.

In 2009, Jim Sohr was among the founders who transitioned from AIM Healthcare Services following its sale to UnitedHealth Group’s Ingenix technology subsidiary. Always focused on changing the way healthcare works, his years in the healthcare industry led him to a realization: technology really can change the healthcare system as we know it. What’s more, his personal experience across AIM’s history had connected him with many talented healthcare leaders who were founding tech startups designed to do just that.

In 2013, Sohr founded Powered Health to provide these emerging companies with common resources for a unique synergy. Shared technology, back office support, databases, office space and insights come together in a collaborative environment for a higher probability of startup success. Together, we’re changing the business of healthcare.

Our Misson

Tear down the traditional barriers to accessing healthcare data and apply traditional data analysis, complex algorithmic applications, artificial intelligence and machine learning to unlock the actionable information and insight necessary to transform healthcare.

Innovate. Disrupt. Optimize. Repeat.

Powered Health companies are helping hospitals, providers, health plans, employers and re-insurers automate clinical and business processes that have historically been manually driven and unlock the power of their electronic health records (EHR) and other healthcare systems. We’re doing our part to deliver the best possible outcomes in patient care, patient safety and healthcare operations at the optimum cost.

Transforming the full spectrum of where, when and how healthcare happens

Enabling collaboration between patients, providers, healthcare organizations and payers

Integrating information across patients, care teams, populations, operations and administration
Performing continuous and holistic analysis of all types of data
Strategic innovations for today and the future