Webinar: Technology that Empowers

Healthcare industry leaders have been pursuing advanced technology initiatives for over a decade now, and the results are mixed, at best:

  • In a recent survey, only 9% of providers “reported they’ve fully implemented products that meet the requirements of the 2015 edition of Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT), though 41 percent said they’re in the process of doing so.”
  • The same survey also found 68% of “providers believe current interoperability solutions fail to help meet the goals of value-based care.”
  • A new KLAS report revealed “only 14 percent of participating organizations reported deep interoperability when sharing data with disparate EHR systems.”

There’s no question to providers the revenue and patient care advantages that can be realized via strategic alignment between healthcare and technology. The question seems to be, “How?”

Listen as Seth Hobgood, Chief Technology Officer at Interoptex, and Joan Butters, CEO at XSOLIS, engage in a far-ranging conversation on how leading healthcare providers are embracing the potential of advanced technologies – real-time cognitive computing, predictive analytics, interoperability – to transform efficiency and empower employees. All while circumventing the challenges that typically arise when adopting a new approach.

Joan and Seth will share their insights and experience, provide a few tips and best practices, and help us understand how technology leads to innovation and better outcomes, both now and down the road.

In this interactive panel discussion, we will address:

  • How technology can improve bottom line revenue for providers
  • Why ease of implementation remains a key factor when selecting vendors
  • What healthcare IT leaders are doing to position their organizations for future growth

We hope you find this webinar to be educational whether you are considering emerging technologies to supplement your organization or just interested in learning about this potential.

Mike Leff is VP of Business Development at Interoptex.

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