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Patient-Centric RCM: New Patient Payment Trends and Winning Strategies for Healthcare Leaders

October 30th 12:00 pm ET

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Our New Survey Report On Patient Payment Trends is Now Available & We’re Sharing It With You First

We set out to take the pulse of Healthcare RCM, to learn about healthcare organizations’ greatest revenue cycle challenges and how they stack up against patient expectations. We’ll dive into the results and discuss strategic responses for healthcare leaders with industry experts, Ed Kenney and Frances Burton. Weigh-in on the conversation and ask questions during our panel discussion and Q&A.  

Join us to learn:

1. What small, mid, and enterprise size healthcare organizations said are currently their greatest RCM obstacles. Here’s a sneak peek of the data:

  • Only 1 in 9 physician organizations are using a mobile pre-registration for intake
  • 75% said they don’t provide any opportunity to patients to pay a co-pay prior to their visit 
  • More than 80% acknowledge their patients average outstanding balances between $50-$250

2. Where healthcare RCM leaders are getting it right and where they’re missing the boat as it relates to patient expectations and their payment behaviors 

3. Strategies for moving revenue cycle activities earlier in the patient journey and making it easy for patients to pay their bills 

4. Why 50% of healthcare organizations choose to engage the help of third-party billing companies

5. The role of patient-centric approaches to patient payments and how it can impact patient satisfaction

Join Us for a
Webinar & Panel Discussion with: 

Ed Kenney, Director RCM, Relatient


Frances Burton, Principle Owner, Kaizen RCM Consulting
Co-Creator of The Statement Scrubber

“Requests for my consulting services are driven more and more by the need to better manager rising patient balances (“A/R”) than outstanding insurance A/R”

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