As COVID-19 continues to spread within U.S. communities and the news changes by the hour, we know your phone lines are ringing off the hook and your patients are looking for information and guidance from those they trust with their health.

Thanks to patient engagement software, dispelling misinformation, guiding patients to the right resources, and calming their fears can be done quickly and efficiently. What would have taken multiple staff and countless hours prior to patient engagement software can now be done with a few clicks, here’s how.

Broadcast/Demand Messaging: Push critical updates to patients and staff as new information is made available. Below are some updates you may want to push to your patients and/or staff.

For Patients: 

  • Directions for what to do if a patient believes they have coronavirus
  • Sites testing for coronavirus and when a patient should or should not visit those sites
    • Extended or shortened hours of operation

    For Staff:

    • Updates on any staff members who have confirmed cases of coronavirus or have been exposed
    • A call for extra help, extra shifts available
    • Schedule changes
    • General updates about the virus and actions taken within the community

Messenger Chat and Secure Messaging:  Answer simple questions, triage patients, and help patients get the care they need. Staff and clinicians can initiate 2-way conversations with patients related to the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. HIPAA and security protection are available for detailed or clinical conversations. Here are some conversations easily handled with Messenger Chat and Secure Messaging: 

Messenger Chat

  • Directions for parking
  • Information about coronavirus testing sites 
  • Hours of operation 
  • Appointment changes 

Secure Messaging

  • Patient triage
  • Questions about when to be seen and when to stay home 
  • Self-quarantine directions for infected patients 
  • Prescription refill information 
  • Questions about test results and care plans 
  • Patient follow-up

Relatient is here to help. 

If you’re a current Relatient customer with questions or are looking for assistance to use any of the solutions mentioned above to inform and guide your patients, we are here to help. You can contact us using the information below or start with one of our self-service guides. 

Wishing you had a partner like Relatient? Let’s talk. We can show you how our solutions can equip for medical office(s) to communicate with patients more effectively. Whether its coronavirus, inclement weather, or general follow-up and prevention, we have the tools for effective patient communication. Schedule a call with us. 

    Make text, email and voice an integral part of your patient engagement.

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