Driving high quality standards is the focus of a recently published article in Australian Private Hospitals Association news, featuring sportsmed. 

Sportsmed is a healthcare provider with a private orthopedic hospital and specialist clinics, and the first in Australia to install BioVigil.

sportmed, with a 90%+ hand hygiene compliance rate, was far from struggling with hand hygiene. Alan Morrison, CEO sportsmed, believed they could still do better to drive higher quality and focusing on their patients:

“Patients can be assured that we are providing a safe environment for their care, and the visual nature of the system at all points of care means they can see that those caring for them have performed appropriate hand hygiene,” he said.

“The system is very visual and we engage with patients in regards to the system to empower them to question when a badge indicates someone hasn’t washed their hands. This is empowering for patients.”

Since installing BioVigil, sportsmed sustains a 97% hand hygiene compliance rate. Certainly, technology is a driving force for Morrison. He continues to look for ways to improve outcomes and the patient experience, even with already extremely high quality standards. Morrison explained:

“Smart, relevant and relatively inexpensive technologies like this one will probably gain traction, particularly where they solve specific problems and make marked differences.”

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Source: Hand Hygiene Reaching New Quality Standards