Transforming Healthcare Through Predictive Computing

Our Companies

Powered Health leverages its businesses through transparent collaboration and use of best practices. We have a singular focus: to create and nurture companies that will dramatically change the healthcare landscape for the benefit of providers, payers, investors and, most importantly, patients.

Powered Health companies employ predictive computing to address the most challenging issues confronting healthcare today: patient outcomes, operational inefficiencies, revenue loss for both providers and payers, and high healthcare costs. The combination of predictive analytics with machine learning applied to the increasing availability of healthcare data will drive smarter, better solutions to these problems.

Powered Health provides funding and hands-on oversight of its portfolio of SaaS-based technology companies in the healthcare IT space. Our companies are largely based on a corporate campus in Nashville, Tenn.

How can you help us change the business of healthcare?

The Potential of Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare

Lower Costs

Advanced technology like machine learning efficiently unlocks the data in electronic systems for improved reporting, analytics, workflow management and enhanced compliance to lower healthcare costs.

Improve Outcomes

Secure, cloud-based solutions improve communication provider-to-provider and provider-to-patient to enhance patient safety and engagement. Results: reduced length of stay and readmission rates.

Optimize Revenue

Leverage streamlined services and cloud-based tools to augment workflows, increase patient throughput and maximize in-house expertise leading to increased revenue.

Increase Compliance

Proactive solutions and patented technology allow for highly-automated processes and keep data secure, accurate and reliable. Compliance with healthcare regulations has never been so easy.

How are the Powered Health companies radically changing healthcare?